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… It can’t possibly be worse than Mass Effect 3… can it? :/ *scared*

Um… worse than the whole thing? No — I think that’d be a philosophical impossibility, since it’s part of the ME3 arc, so it’d be like “Can god make a stone so heavy he cannot lift it” or something. Or maybe a story klein bottle.

And my over-all take on ME3 will be more coherent positive in outlook and coherent than canon; I’m hoping that even though I’m punching up some negative emotional implications that weren’t addressed in-game, the over-all experience will be less incoherent unrelentingly grim.

But, that said… if the bit I’m writing at the moment doesn’t make temporary wrecks out of people who like Rhi and Joker’s dynamic, then I’m probably not doing my job right. But miserable times are part of relationships, too.

  1. sswpowerrangers said: I’d love to write my ME3 semi-fix-it fic but fixing that ending feels like such a daunting task for me.
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