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I keep astonishingly busy with a wide variety of things and this blog may seem random in consequence. Expect Mass Effect fanfic (including the ongoing saga of pilot-lovin' Rhi Shepard), thoughts on disability, politics, and a liberal helping of goats. Especially baby goats.


That last reblog (“I would much rather read the story I’m trying to write than actually write it”) is usually true except for the parts that are miserable. Those and the oh-my-god-is-this-writing-or-is-this-therapy bit I’d rather write than read…

Speaking of miserable parts I’d rather write than read? I’m sorry you poor sods are going to have to suffer through the part I’m writing now.

And by ‘sorry’ I mean ‘equal parts apologetic and gleefully smug about my own evil manipulative power.’

  1. rhiannon42 said: Ah yes, I know the feeling. On the one hand, you feel bad that you’re going to hurt people. On the other… PEOPLE WILL WEEP OVER THIS AND I SHALL FEAST ON THEIR SORROW MWHAHAHAHA. Ahem.
  2. browncoatfromtheshire said: … It can’t possibly be worse than Mass Effect 3… can it? :/ *scared*
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