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So, there’s all this chatter about IKEA fan blogs, but no links. … *side eyes you* So, link me?

You have to ask someone else, or google. I didn’t actually look, I just realized “Oh, right. We’re on the internet. OF COURSE there’s an IKEA fan blog.” And went on from there to extrapolate shipping wars. :P

As of ten minutes ago, I’ve officially written more in July than I did in June!

Granted, I’m only just over 6,500 words, and that’s pre hack-and-slash editing (a lot of them are junk words), but improvement is good.

thepalebride said: I don’t know, I think that’s an extremely flattering human-assisted selfie of a very happy cat. And that’s what _really_ matters, right?

You’re right. I was being an anthropocentric bag of dicks. :P

galleywinter said: … I need this table in my life, Shades.

Are you fond of my friend Tom’s craftsmanship and design choices, or are you jealous of all of the beer it has on it?




Seanan McGuire went on a very long, very excellent rant on Twitter this morning, and I felt it deserved to be organized.

Pretty sure I’ve reblogged this already. It bears repeating.

musanocturnis said: And that makes 0 people who don’t know about ikea fan blogs.

What, I was the LAST hold out?

Truly. An era of the world has passed. :P

sinvraal said: Yeah, echo surfaces. Makes sense. (I vividly recall standing in an acoustically dead sound booth once, it was EERIE as all hell). But what I want is the black Billy with glass doors for toys because I’m an adult and I need the dust off my toys. ;P

Whereas I, as a good adult, have the glass door on the one that stores the booze and booze glasses. :P

And the booze on a shelf you can reach from the floor.

The IKEA discussion reminded me of something I’ve mused on for awhile — that I kind of want a site like houzz but aimed at normal people. Like, these design ideas are great and all, but can I please screen my results for “dead-boring 1960s rambler with dull square rooms that looks like all the other 1960s ramblers”? ‘Cause those are the design ideas that are relevant to me — not which exact shade you can paint your 10’ high coffered ceiling or how best to frame your ocean view.