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PSA: tumblr user pieeater66666 has been sending nasty anons and trolling the n7positive blog



Their blog is full of a lot of ableist slurs and general “trolling”..I use that term loosely, as they seem to think that hurling around insults is trolling.

Just letting you guys know so you can ignore/block this person.

A quick skim of their site makes it pretty evident that this is Shrieky the Ending Troll. Same wording, all of it.

Block and blacklist time!

I suspected as much. Ah, shrieky. And here we thought you’d shriek forever.

I know I’m probably just an old fashioned curmudgeon, but it kind of bothers me our youth librarian coordinator decided the best way to ‘sell’ the Summer Reading Program was to distance it as far as possible from reading.


I think my favorite Mass Effect epiphany ever is the one where I realized that upon the discovery of the Charon mass relay, someone got to make the best “that’s no moon” joke ever.


Ah, shit, the horse idiot is here to talk coworker N’s ear off for another 45 minutes, and I left my nice headphones at home.

Guess what! The horses he’s been overfeeding for months are FAT!


Ah, shit, the horse idiot is here to talk coworker N’s ear off for another 45 minutes, and I left my nice headphones at home.

musanocturnis said: Pretty deliberate characterisation of the krogan being a sexist society, and Wrex is a product of that. Writers dropped a lot of balls, but to me this one feels in-character and consistent with krogan lore from ME1 and 2. (Wreav is worse….)

I agree that most of it is deliberate (I’m not convinced the use of ‘females’ rather than ‘women’ was, because I see that far too often lately), but it still doesn’t work for me. Clearly krogan society has fractured post genophage, becoming more gender essentialist/segregated — but why would it do so along the exact same lines as human sexism?

Why would Wrex, with all of that tumultuous history and culture different from anything humans have ever experienced, suddenly sound like some idiot dudebro’s 60 year old dad watching football? It’s lazy. What we know of krogan post-genophage society is that women live in clans separate from the male clans, that non-fertile women set themselves up as guards and decoys (in a position of very high implied risk), and that women have the absolute final say over their mates. Krogan men have to request the ‘rite of parentage’ to be recognized as the farther of their offspring, so we can assume that descent (in as much as it matters, and it does seem to) is generally traced matrilineally.

…none of which is remotely like the societal conditions that gave rise to our sexism.

And why would Wrex in particular suddenly display so much of it — Wrex who’s fought all over the galaxy, against and alongside women of various species? (It’s true he comments on fighting with Ash, but he gets used to it then, and it never made sense anyway given that he can’t have spent 300 years as a merc without working with supposedly gender-equal turians). Wrex who himself wants something different from the krogan, who is NOT a member of the belligerent old guard? He complains that women talk too much — why? This is Wrex, Wrex who wanted the krogan clans to TALK, Wrex who was interested in new ways of doing things and thinking and not just doing the same macho one-upsmanship the krogan have been killing themselves over. Wrex should be fucking thrilled by Bakara’s talking!

Also, there’s some really weird time stuff going on, courtesy of Bioware giving both asari and krogan ridiculous lifespans. Okeer is supposed to have been alive in the rebellions, 1400 years ago. Even assuming he’s an outlier, that suggests that the entire structure of krogan society changed, what, a handful of generations ago? So it’s not ancient history (admittedly, this gets really screwed up on all sorts of levels, especially the idea that they’ve started to out-evolve the genophage. I fervently wish Bioware hadn’t picked ‘a thousand years’ as their ‘really old alien’ number. A couple hundred would’ve been easier to work with and done the job).

It really could have been an interesting look into the effects of the genophage. I actually feel like Bakara herself does that — but in order to set up Bakara as awesome they made Wrex take a level in Shallow Jerk.

…really, ‘took a level in Shallow Jerk’ seems to be what happened to all my favorite characters in ME3.






Discworld Dream Cast  Idris Elba as Samuel Vimes

jiggit look!

(also those pics of him from Pacific Rim and thor work REALLY well in this zomfg)

(now I’m imagining him with the scar and it got EVEN MORE AWESOME)

verygibbous sixteentons partially-stars

i’m so glad this is gaining momentum heck yeah

I’ve always privately cast Bruce Willis, but this is EVEN BETTER fjffjslkdfjSLDKFJASKDF



None of the art or other fancastings I’ve seen for Vimes felt right, and Elba DOES. Holy shit, he could do Sam Vimes so well.

Darn it.

I remembered that the one thing that irked me about the Sur’Kesh and Tuchanka missions was all the talk about “The females.” “Get the females!” “We have to rescue the females!”

It’s all perfectly acceptable coming from Mordin — Mordin only speaks Science with Gilbert-and-Sullivan as a second language — but not only does Wrex use ‘females’ throughout, in the cut scene directly after Sur’Kesh he refers to a squad of male krogan as ‘his men.’

So my faint hope that maybe they were using consistent male/female terminology for any aliens is dashed. Nope. It’s just another instance of that bizarre and rather infuriating thing where human (or sentient alien) males get to be MEN but females are… just females. Dehumanized. Like all the other females. 

Y’know, fuck that shit sideways.